Thursday, 26 January 2023



This January we have learnt about winter and clothes:

Este mes de Enero hemos trabajado el invierno y su ropa:

- We learn about number and quantity with the book "SNOW"

     Hemos aprendido sobre los números y su cantidad con el cuento "Snow"

- We learn the winter song " PUT ON YOUR..." and we decorate the winter tree.

Decoramos el árbol del invierno con esta canción:

-In LITTLE SCIENCE we have explored colors with ICE lollipops.

En "Pequeños científicos" hemos explorado el color con pintura helada. 

-In PHONICS we have discover the sound /C/ and looked for the the first and last letters in some short words. 

En phonics, hemos descubierto el sonido /c/ y hemos identificado el primer y último sonido de algunas palabras cortas. 

Monday, 28 November 2022

¡Bienvenidos de nuevo! Welcome back!

 ¡Bienvenidos de nuevo al blog de infantil de inglés!

Este mes hemos estado trabajando el otoño, sus colores, animales y frutos, así como las festividades típicas en los países de habla inglesa, como Halloween o Thanksgiving. 

Aquí os dejamos algunas fotos para que podáis ver lo bien que lo pasamos aprendiendo y jugando en inglés. 

Nos vemos pronto, 

Patricia y Cristina

Welcome back to the infants English blog!

This month we have been working around Autumn: its colors, animals and food, as well as its festivities such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

Here you have some pictures so that you can see how much fun we have learning and playing in English. 

See you soon, 

Patricia and Cristina 

 💀🎃Todo Infantil celebramos Halloween con un teatro de sombra con dos simpáticas brujas con las que hicimos truco o trato.💀💀We all celebrated Halloween in a shadow theatre with two nice witches and doing trick or treat.💀🎃

🌰🍏🍎Conocemos los frutos del otoño y experimentamos con ellos: flotan o se hunden? 🌰🍏🍎 We investigate about autumn food and we experiment with them: do they float or sink? 🌰


🍁🍁🍁Aprendemos los colores, formas y cambios del otoño. We learn about the colours, shapes and changes of the Autumn season.🍁🍁🍁

🐓🍗Celebramos acción de gracias con un divertido Roll Play y aprendemos el nombre de los alimentos. 

We celebrate Thanksgiving doing a Roll Play and learning the name of the food.

See you in 2 weeks! 

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Farewell and Summer Vacation Ideas...

Good morning families!
Today is the last day of school and we’re a little sad 😔 because we can’t see each other. We hope you have enjoyed our English online classes and we expect you to have a great summer! Below, you’ll find  a video of all the teachers to say goodbye. We´ve also recommended some activities and online platforms to review everything you have learned this year during this summer.

First, let´s watch our goodbye video!

We have also made you a video with the pictures and videos you sent us:

This is a paddlet in which you can find videos, songs, stories and games about the different topics we’ve been learning this year. You can open it whenever you want this summer and do some of the activities:

Finally, we have uploaded a document to google drive with recommendations of YouTube channels, online websites, books… They’re great! Have a look!


Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Summer Holidays - 17/6/2020 Lesson

Good morning families!  
Today, we have prepared a very special session to celebrate SUMMER.

First, we are going to sing a new summer song. Are you ready?

You can send us a video of you singing the summer song with us if you like!

Now, can you help Steve pack his suitcase for the holidays?

Finally, you can watch watch Peppa Pig go on Holiday:

What are you going to do during the summer holidays?

You can us your pictures and videos at:

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Ice Play - 16/6/2020 Lesson

Today, we are going to play with ICE!

First, let´s review the colors with the rainbow song:

Let´s watch the story of the Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice by Steve Metzger:

Now, watch how teacher Noe show us how to play with ice:

Monday, 15 June 2020

Bubble Snake Experiment - 15/6/2020 Lesson

Good morning families! 
Soon, the children will be starting  their summer holidays. This week, there is not going to be a story. Instead, we are going to show you some short and fun activities to do during the summer. Today, we are going to make a bubble snake! 

First, let´s listen to this song about Jake the Snake:

Now, let’s watch this video that explains how to make a bubble snake! Ready?

We want to see your bubble snakes! So don’t forget to send us videos or pictures:

Friday, 12 June 2020

Sports in Ejea and Zaragoza - 12/6/2020 Lesson

Good morning!
Today, we are going to learn about doing sports in Ejea and Zaragoza. 
What fun! Are you ready?

First, let´s do the assembly with Teacher Maria:

Now, let´s learn about the different sports and places we can do them in Ejea with Teacher Esméralda:

Now, let´s play a game to review the sports we have learned: